Our clients’ trust serves as a true reflection of our capacity to deal with the diverse services required in the different areas coverd by the company.

Company consulting services range from everything from a preliminary assessment to a full turnkey project with ensuing collaboration for the maintenance and operation of the same.

Euroestudios offers the following services from the inicial approximation to the final definition of an idea:

  • Project identification
  • Technical, socio-economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Informative studies
  • Risk studies and contingency plans
  • Development and special urban plans
  • Preliminary and basic designs
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Building projects
  • Health & Safety
  • Site supervision, control and security
  • Environmental safety and supervision
  • Site management
  • Operation and maintenance consulting services
  • Procurement support 
  • Institutional strengthening

Euroestudios also provides supplementary technical services: I.T. Consulting, Surveying, Geology and Geotechnics.

Civil Works Supervision and Control

Transport Infrastructure

Water and Environment

Urban Planning, Buildings and Facilities