About Us

Euroestudios is a civil engineering and building development consulting company, leader in Spain, that provides services such as Planning, Institutional Support, Feasibility Studies, Preliminary and Detailed Designs Studies,  Site Management and Comprehensive Project Management.

Our services cover: Transport Infrastructures, Hydraulic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Urban Planning, Buildings, Installations and Technical Services (Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying and IT Consultancy).

Euroestudios provides Technical Advisory and Consultancy services, aimed at both the public and private sectors. Established in 1968, Euroestudios has since become the company of choice in major national and international infrastructure development programmes.

Euroestudios has a staff of more than 500 highly qualified professionals, mostly Senior and Technical Engineers, who are more than capable of responding to market demands.

Euroestudios is structured around a general management and two production divisions: civil works and building.

Euroestudios is completely independent from any building or financial group, thereby allowing the company to operate freely and in the best interests of our clients, without any outside conditions other than those derived from the technical service rendered.