Euroestudios is fully aware that the future and progress of the company depends on its staff and on technological innovation supported by research  and constant development to make the most of the latest available knowledge and to work on the generation of this knowledge and know-how. Euroestudios considers it essential to place a strong focus on research in all company activities in order to meet strategic objectives.

The R&D Department was created with this objective in mind and in order to organize and manage innovations brought in by Euroestudios, and to promote the research and development of new technologies and processes at the Company.

Euroestudios is currently a member of the following technology platforms:

These platforms serve as a meeting place for all Companies and Organisations interested in technological development and research in the sector.

Various R&D projects are currently under way at Euroestudios, working in association with Universities, Technological Centres and other engineering companies in the following areas:

  • Tunnel safety
  • Sustainability and environment
  • Work control
  • Facilities / Installations
  • Water works

New research lines are opened as deemed appropriate by our innovation management system.  

Euroestudios, in association with the Madrid College of Civil Engineering, has created a working group on Disaster Management to carry out studies into the effects of explosions, earthquakes, impacts, major floods, etc., as well as measures to minimize their consequences.


R&D projects

Observación radar multisatélite y multifrecuencia para vigilancia de infraestructuras hidráulicas críticas: estudio de aplicabilidad y validación. mufSARem

  El objetivo final del proyecto es el desarrollo, implementación y validación de una metodología de vigilancia de deformación en estructuras hidráulicas críticas y su entorno, mediante el uso [ ... ]

Desarrollo de nuevas técnicas de control de deslizamientos mediante la integración de observaciones terrestres y espaciales. EOSLIDE

  El objetivo del proyecto es implementar y desarrollar metodologías de control y vigilancia. Se combinarán técnicas terrestres con técnicas de observación de la tierra desde el espacio mediant [ ... ]

More R&D projects