Works Control and Surveillance

The Works Control and Surveillance Department are in charge of site management and technical assistance services. The department controls the execution of civil works from all aspects ranging from: quantitative and qualitative geometric control to budget control, production, deadlines, start up and operation. 

The department includes a quality control laboratory for materials, located in Vitoria - Gasteiz. This laboratory is officially approved and certified to conduct: tests on concrete and steel (EHA); geotechnical laboratory tests (GTL); soils, aggregates and road components (VSG); ceramic control (AFC); building mortar control (AMC); concrete and its components (EHC); and bores, sampling and allow testing on-site (GTC).

In addition to this permanent laboratory, Euroestudios also installs labs on site, to conduct tests according to each project's unique requirements.

The Works Control and Surveillance team is involved in large-scale infrastructure plans, both at home and abroad including:

  • New high speed railway lines and the adjustment of existing ones.
  • New execution of public and toll highways.
  • Suburban railways in big cities (Madrid and Barcelona).
  • Metro lines.
  • Bridges and viaducts.
  • Big tunnels in urban areas.

This department has worked on specific sound, and highly relevant systems for the control of work units including: 

  • Tunnels excavation including monitoring and design of supports.
  • Analysis and interpretation of structural condition of bridges and structures.
  • Design and control of special soil treatment.
  • Study of road surfaces, condition survey, design and reinforcements.
  • Structural pathology in buildings and preventive etiological studies.
  • Construction of large span bridges and viaducts.

The main areas of action include:

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